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CockroachThe female cockroach produces egg cases containing a variable number of eggs that hatch into nymphs, closely resembling the much larger adult cockroach.

The nymphal stages and adult cockroaches are omnivorous, need a water supply or food of a high water content, and groom themselves to remove dirt and dust. Cockroaches are nocturnally active and scavenge over wide areas. There is almost no tolerance is British society for the presence of cockroaches, and infestations in restaurants and institutions are taken very seriously by the Environmental Health Departments.

Oriental Cockroach

Primarily nocturnal the oriental cockroach is a pest of warm environments but tolerant of colder conditions and is common throughout Britain. The oriental cockroach does not tolerate extremely hot and dry conditions. It is frequently associated with restaurants, hotels, hospitals, laundries, prisons and housing estates.

The oriental cockroach is known to carry some pathogenic bacteria but the damage caused by fouling and tainting of foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs (i.e sterile hospital supplies) is of greater significance.

German Cockroach

Primarily nocturnal and a pest of warm humid conditions in Britain, the German Cockroach is not normally found outside. Nymphs and adults cluster in groups in their harbourages when inactive, attracted by an aggregation pheromone. German Cockroaches forage on a wide range of foods and need access to free water. Unlike the Oriental Cockro ach, the German Cockroach can climb smooth surfaces.

The German Cockroach is known to carry and spread various human disease organisms. 

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